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IRWM Grants Awarded

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The following Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP) grants have been awarded for work to enhance the entire Pajaro Valley and address some of the key concerns.

Pajaro River Levee Project- GRR and Bench Excavation

This project includes two major tasks: 1) build community consensus on the design, financing and governance structure; 2) land acquisition, permitting and construction of a Lower Pajaro River Bench Excavation Project. This project, in conjunction with ovthe Soap Lake project, will ultimately provide 100-year flood protection for the region.

Grant funds awarded: $7.32 million

Soap Lake Floodplain Preservation Project, Phase 1

The project will provide non-structural flood protection through preserving about 9,100 acres of agricultural and open space lands. The floodplain provides natural flood storage and attenuation characteristics for the Pajaro River watershed. Holding water in this floodplain area reduces the amount of water that would need to flow downstream during peak storms. If the area were to be developed, flood flow peaks would increase from 44,400 cubic feet per second to 60,000 cubic feet per second.

Grant funds awarded: $4.43 million

Groundwater Study and Biological Assessment of Upper Pajaro River

Promotes integration of environmental restoration with the development of water supply, water quality and flood prtoection projects throught the Pajaro River watershed. Detailed scientific information will be collected to fill existing data gaps concerning the hydrogeologic and biological functions of the upper Pajaro River.

Grant funds requested: $XXX

Erosion Control, Vegetative Treatment, and Riparian Restoration

Key Land stewardship program that addresses non-point source pollution in the extensive, active agriculture of the Pajaro River watershed. Through the proposed program, agricultural communities will be involved in the protection of water quality.

Grant funds awarded: 545,000

Watsonville Recycled Water Treatment Facility (WRWTF+)

This project, in conjunction with the Coastal Distribution System, provides valuable new water supply for agricultural irrigation, which will meet water quality objectives set by local growers. Recycled water will be blended with inland groundwater to offset the coastal demand on the overused groundwater basin, prevent seawater intrusion into groundwater, and reduce future demand for water from the Central Valley Project.

Grant funds awarded: $4.43 million

Aromas Water District Wellhead Treatment Project

Aromas Water District relies solely on groundwater to supply water. However, the local aquifer contains naturally high levels of manganese and iron, which can cause foul odors and taste, as well as stain plumbing and clothes laundered in the water. With new wellheads, the District will filter and treat water to remove manganese and maintain the existing water supply.

Grant funds awarded: $166,000

Coastal Distribution System

This project will eliminate coastal pumping and optimize the yield of the groundwater basin without affecting current agricultural practices in coastal areas.

Grant funds awarded: 7.06 million