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Water Supply

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The economy of the Pajaro Valley relies on the availability of water. Eighty-four percent of water use is used for agriculture, and is almost all supplied by groundwater (Hanson, 2003). Because the Pajaro River watershed crosses multiple county lines, water supply is monitored by several agencies.

The Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency (PVWMA) is the main agency responsible for managing the existing and supplemental water supplies within its service boundaries. Some of the goals of the agency are to reduce long-term overdraft and to ensure the availability of sufficient water supplies to meet current and projected needs. The agency is only responsible for the availability of non-potable (irrigation) water.

The following local water purveyors are responsible for supplying potable (drinking) water:

  • The City of Watsonville is a major urban service area within PVWMA boundaries. The City provides various municipal and industrial services including wastewater collection and treatment and water supply service for the residents of Watsonville.
  • Aromas Water District is located on the easterly edge of the PVWMA service area.  This special district provides water treatment and supply service for approximately 750 customers.