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What's Next?

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Note: As of June 2015, information on What's Next is currently being updated. We will have updated information available soon.

What's next for the Locally Requested Plans?

Benefit to cost ratio analysis is currently under way by the USACE. NorthWest Hydraulics (NHC) is currently studying the potential impacts of these alternatives on flood area, depth and duration for flood events of varying sizes. The evaluation of all four LRPs will be included in the GRR/EIS that is currently being developed. The local sponsors will inform the broader community of the progress on these efforts and provide opportunities for input at strategic intervals.

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The preliminary results will be available by the end of 2010.

What's next for Alternative 2A?

The local sponsors and community are working with the USACE to point out where benefits of this alternative are under estimated, including:

  1. Calculating agricultural losses, and
  2. Calculating water system losses.

If identified benefits can be increased, then 2A could become eligible as an LPP.

What's next for the Project?

The next steps for the project are identifed below: 

  • USACE/Local Sponsors analyze new LRP Alternatives
  • USACE revises draft GRR and EIR to include 4 LRP alternatives
  • Release Public Review GRR and EIR
  • Community, regulatory agencies and USACE decide whether to support the NED Plan or an alternate plan based upon existing alternatives or combination of alternatives contained in the EIS
  • Community Chooses NED or LPP
  • Public Vote for Local Share Financing

USACE Schedule

Updated 3/27/2012

FY 12 Milestones Start Date  
Update GRR Jan 2012
Additional Traffic & Biological Surveys Jan 2012
Reach 4 Takings Analysis Feb 2012
2nd Admin Draft EIS/R Aug 2012
ATR GRR/EIS Jun 2012
Hold AFB for EIS Release Aug 2012
Begin Peer Review Procurement Aug 2012
Award EIS Phase 2, 3 & 4 Options Jun 2012
GRR/EIS Public Review (EIS Phase 2) Dec 2012
Independent Peer Review Dec 2012
Revise GRR/Final Admin Draft (EIS Phase 3) Apr 2013