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Aerial Tour

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Following are two aerial "tours" of portions of the Pajaro River Watershed. Each tour has been broken down into a number of sectors for ease of reference.

Clicking on any of the maps below will take you to a page where you can progressively follow an aerial tour of that sector. The images have been generously provided by Jitze Couperus.

First Aerial Tour

Lower Reaches of the Pajaro River - Starting from Watsonville, going upstream to Highway 101.
San Benito River - Part One - From where the San Benito River joins the Pajaro River near Highway 101 and Soda Lake. We fly upstream past Hollister to Tres Pinos.
San Benito River - Part Two - Continuation of this section, including the return downstream back to the junction of the San Benito River with the Pajaro River.
Soap Lake - approaching from Hollister, and then heading toward Chittenden Gap
Lower Reaches of the Pajaro River - Going downstream from Soap Lake back to Watsonville

Second Aerial Tour

Llagas Creek from Chesbro Reservoir to where it enters the Soap Lake Region
Soap Lake - approaching from Gilroy and thence toward Chittenden Gap
Lower Reaches of the Pajaro River - from Soap Lake through the Chittenden Gap, past Watsonville, and to the Pacific Ocean.