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Efforts to Increase Supply

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The most current plan for increased water supply in the Pajaro Valley is the PVWMA Basin Management Plan (BMP). The strategy adopted by the PVWMA was the “Modified BMP 2000 Alternative” and included the following five major projects and programs:

  1. Coastal Distribution System pipelines
  2. Recycled Water Project
  3. Harkins Slough recharge Project
  4. 54-inch import water pipeline project (11,900 acre-feet of imported supply) with local aquifer storage and recovery
  5. Water conservation program

The Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency (PVWMA) has begun the Basin Management Plan Update (BMP Update). PVWMA is forming an Ad Hoc BMP Committee to allow the Pajaro Valley community to help guide the development of the BMP Update and serve as advisors to the PVWMA Board of Directors. The mission of the Committee is to integrate ideas, concepts and identify potential projects to mitigate long term groundwater overdraft, stop seawater intrusion, and protect water quality through a community wide effort involving all interested stakeholders. The Basin Managment Plan committee released a presentation in July 2011 regarding preliminary project ideas. Check our calendar for upcoming Ad Hoc BMP Update Committee meeting dates and agendas.